Headquartered in São Paulo, in the charming 15th November street, Bertolucci & Ramos Gonçalves Lawyers is a full service office, specialized in serving corporations of various economic sectors.

In line with the changes imposed by the market, Bertolucci & Ramos Gonçalves Lawyers specializes in providing its customers a preventive and contentious legal advising, focusing on the constant search for legal solutions and crisis management.

The figure of Don Quixote, always present in our brand, symbolizes the struggle for law. As this brave character, the office seeks the best law as an instrument of justice for our clients.

Provide preventive and litigation advising for companies, providing our customers a high level of enchantment, exceeding expectations and seeking to ensure protection and security.

Recognition as a legal full service law firm, always dedicated, reliable, affordable and focused on service excellence.

Ethics, loyalty, disclosure, responsiveness, tenacity, experience, wit and commitment.

Bertolucci & Ramos Gonçalves Advogados
Endereço: Rua Quinze de Novembro, 184 - 9º andar | Centro - São Paulo
Tel.: (11) 3242-0097 - e-mail: brg@brgadvogados.com.br

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