“The intention of the BRG Lawyers office is to always seek the charm of our client through the service we provide. We do not just want to fulfill the task of providing the legal service entrusted to us, but rather provide legal solutions in such a way that the client knows that we can always deliver beyond their expectations. ”

                                                                                                         Marcus Vinicius Ramos Gonçalves, Sócio Gestor

Headquartered in São Paulo, in the charming 15th November street, BRG Lawyers is a full service office, specialized in serving corporations of various economic sectors.

In line with the changes imposed by the market, BRG Lawyers specializes in providing its customers a preventive and contentious legal advising, focusing on the constant search for legal solutions and crisis management.

Strategic business management

The focus of the BRG Lawyers office is to serve as an instrument of management and business strategy, assisting in decision making and in managing internal and external crises. In each area, the office’s law firm works to respond to demands in a preventive manner and puts in place legal tactics to control possible crises that companies may face due to the nature of their business and operations.

The lawyers at BRG Lawyers are always ready to assist clients in case of emergency and provide advisory services to managers who need personalized attention and an effective solution. In this way, the services provided add value to the company by receiving solid and professional legal advice, which may prevent damages to the image and business operations.

Today, more than 80% of a company’s market value is based on intangible assets, and BRG Lawyers can add, through preventive and contentious consultancies, the reputation of its company and collaborate with the growth of Business.


Don Quixote

The figure of Don Quixote, always present in our brand, symbolizes the struggle for law. As this brave character, the office seeks the best law as an instrument of justice for our clients.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Provide preventive and litigation advising for companies, providing our customers a high level of enchantment, exceeding expectations and seeking to ensure protection and security.


Recognition as a legal full service law firm, always dedicated, reliable, affordable and focused on service excellence.


Ethics, loyalty, disclosure, responsiveness, tenacity, experience, wit and commitment.