Arbitration and Mediation

The office offers mediation and arbitration services from representation of client interests in all courts and arbitration awards in disputes related to civil law, commercial law, corporate law, issues relating to capital markets and banking law, consumer law, family and succession, competitive law and administrative law, as well as other matters of interest.

Pre-litigation action through the preparation, negotiation and analysis of arbitration clauses and commitments, aiming at the prevention of lawsuits and the composition of interests through agreements and transactions, in order to ensure that the interests of our clients are protected in the case of subsequent discussion in court.

Affidavits and opinions related to Brazilian arbitration and mediation legislation.

Among the services offered by the Arbitration and Mediation area are:
Representation of clients in arbitration chambers and courts;
Elaboration and analysis of arbitration commitments;
Issuance of affidavits and opinions.