Condominium Right

The Bertolucci & Ramos Gonçalves Advogados law firm conducts condominium legal counseling, including judicial collections of condominium quotas, working in a manner aligned with the condominium to guarantee the return of amounts due in a fast and guaranteed manner.
The office conducts the orientation and elaboration of internal regulations and conventions in accordance with the Civil Code, besides providing advice in assemblies, assisting in the clarification of doubts and giving face-to-face support to the union council.

Fique por Dentro

Civil Code brings solutions for the defense of the interests of condominiums

It is well known that a condominium only maintains a good economic situation when its condominium owners comply with the obligation to keep up-to-date payments of their condominium quotas. There is no other way for a condominium to sustain itself. The law specifically impute this payment directly to the condominium as an indispensable obligation. However, and unfortunately, this is not the procedure that is often seen in condominiums in general!

The actions of collections of arrears are multiplied in the Judiciary and the results of these measures do not always reach the real objectives of the condominium creditor, that is, the receipt of arrears for their own maintenance.