Business Criminal Law

The Bertolucci & Ramos Gonçalves Advogados law firm provides preventive and litigious advice in Corporate Criminal Law, including representation of shareholders and shareholders in police inquiries and lawsuits. With expertise in the field, the firm defends the interests of businesspeople in civil, police and criminal investigations due to tax evasion, currency evasion, money laundering, crimes against the environment, consumer relations and other situations specific to business activity.

The work of the office also includes consulting and formulation of manuals of “criminal compliance” in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Law and norms of the current legislation.

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Compliance e Lei Anticorrupção

Corporate Criminal Law: notions and acting of the lawyer

This area of ​​law arose from the need for government intervention in business activities that are harmful to the order and can be considered as a social risk, usually carried out by managers who act in the “center of economic power”. Such activities, given the economic power of their employees, since they are exercised in an “abusive” way (with excesses and with exposure of society to the risk of damages), are now understood as crimes, although previously, these same behaviors were “regulated” by rules of an administrative nature, as a rule.

Unlike the previous one, when penalization was the exclusive role of the Penal Code, certain principles and criminal guarantees that were once untouchable have been “relaxed / relaxed” today. An example of this is the possibility of criminal liability of legal persons, something that, in the previous criminal regime never occurred. Naturally, managerial accountability has grown even more rigid.