Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

In merger and acquisition processes, Bertolucci & Ramos Gonçalves Advogados provides advisory services for corporate reorganization and succession planning, as well as legal due diligence, corporate structuring and negotiation of contractual instruments. The firm also provides guidance on corporate matters and advice on compliance with corporate law, as well as representation in the counseling and defense of shareholders and shareholders, including corporate disputes.

The firm also acts in the formulation of patrimonial screening strategies and compliance guidance regarding corporate events and mergers and acquisitions (M & A).

In addition, the specialized team of lawyers at Bertolucci & Ramos Gonçalves office carries out complete diagnoses of the business to be acquired, collects and identifies legal risks and liabilities, including processes in all areas (Civil, Labor, Tax, etc.) and collection protests. Legal advice is also part of the guidance on measures for risk mitigation and participation in negotiations.

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High dollar and negative internal scenario stimulate merger and acquisition (M & A)

The economic scenario of 2015 has been one of the most unfavorable in the last 30 years, and does not seem to show signs of contraction. In 2016, when the US dollar was already underway, the dollar has already reached one of the highest levels since the beginning of the Real Plan, and with an increase in the tax burden and an unattractive environment for business, companies are increasingly seeking exit to crisis.

One of the most noteworthy points in this scenario is the growth in the number of foreign companies that seek to acquire domestic companies and start their operations in the country. With the dollar on the rise, the selling price of many Brazilian companies is at a very interesting level for foreign investors.

We saw in Valor Econômico a few weeks ago how the number of acquisitions of foreign companies surpassed, for the first time, the number of domestic operations. However, it is also noted that the merger processes between Brazilian companies maintains an increasing tendency. The answer is obvious when we observe that this is one way to keep the operation alive and strengthen the company by unifying a customer base and sales force. Meanwhile, larger and more robust Brazilian companies seek to invest their capital in countries where the moment is more favorable.

Due diligence becomes strategic tool in crisis scenario

We recently saw the international beverage market provide yet another great merger among segment leaders. Negotiations for the purchase of US beverage group SAB Miller by the multinational company AB InBev, a purchase offer above US $ 100 billion, have generated buzz in recent weeks, culminating in the acceptance of the proposal and a possible merger, which appears to be one of the largest in the industry’s history.

In Brazil, despite the fall in the number of M & A in August, in the year to date, the country continues to be the leader in Latin America as the one that most deals with mergers and acquisitions. In August, there were 57 transactions according to the TTR (TransAmerican Track Record) monthly report, despite showing a decrease compared to the same period of 2014 (a little more than 80 transactions), M & A transactions moved over R $ 160 billion in the economy .