Business Recovery and Restructuring

Bertolucci & Ramos Gonçalves Advogados has experience in dealing with all matters related to companies in financial difficulties, including debt restructuring, extrajudicial recovery, judicial recovery and bankruptcy, representing investors, creditors, partners / shareholders and debtors.

The office also acts with a legal action in defense of the interests of creditors and recovery of its credits against debtors in extrajudicial and judicial recovery and in bankruptcy proceedings; coordination and defense of the interests of groups of creditors; negotiations with debtors and other creditors; review of contracts and recovery plans; the filing of judicial measures and the lodging of appeals, the preparation of memoranda and opinions on the application, extension and institutes of the Brazilian bankruptcy law.

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Recuperação Judicial de Empresas

Judicial Recovery may be a solution for companies in crisis

With the current crisis, the discussion about Judicial Recovery returns to the forefront and how this model can help companies overcome crisis and avoid bankruptcy. Law 11.101 / 2005, known as the new Law on Bankruptcy and Corporate Recovery, terminated bankruptcy proceedings in the country and introduced into the national legal system the judicial reorganization of companies. This is a legal benefit available to entrepreneurs and the business community in crisis and who have been regularly engaged in economic activity for more than two years.

The judicial recovery aims at overcoming the business crisis, allowing the continuity of the economic activity to avoid bankruptcy, having as purpose, under the terms of art. 47 of the Law, the maintenance of the source, the employment of workers and the interest of creditors in order to promote the preservation of the company, its social function and the stimulus to economic activity.