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Founded in 2005 by Prof. and Dr. Marcus Vinícius Ramos Gonçalves, the Latin American Institute of Defense and Business Development – ILADEM – was created with the objective of supporting entrepreneurship and business development for the success of its activity in the country.

The purpose of the Institute is to defend the interests and prerogatives of its members, advising them in the development of their business activity. Among our main objectives are:

the encouragement, dissemination and diffusion of studies focused on business development in Brazil;
conducting scientific studies on business development;
increasing the culture of issues related to business development, by holding debates, conferences, meetings, courses and congresses;
the judicial and extrajudicial representation of our associates;
the publication, edition and production of works that focus on defense and business development;
the advising of public and private entities in legal studies related to business management.
ILADEM values ​​business education and aims to disseminate good management practices and governance through the organization of seminars, lectures and congresses on topics relevant to the development of national companies.

The Institute offers lectures and trainings so that entrepreneurs can have a basic understanding of how to run a business and promote their business.

To know more or schedule a talk, contact us by email:  iladem@iladem.com.br

The Law, Management & Business Channel is an initiative of the BRG Advogados office to help disseminate a vision of Law that supports companies and businesses. The intention is to help those who seek to improve corporate management through the application of law in the day to day business.

The Blog ‘Opinion, Law’ deals with general themes about the Law and its developments, especially those related to the political and social daily life of the country.